The EVAOS approach to upgrading pickup trucks into plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles is unique and elegant. Unlike other hybrid/electric technologies, the EVAOS solution complements—not replaces—the vehicle’s original engine and transmission, allowing the EVAOS electric motor and the vehicle engine to each be operated alone or together.

Our platform agnostic, bolt-on electric motor and battery pack provide fleet customers with multiple vehicle operation modes and mobile power options.

The Only 6 in 1 Add-On Solution

That Fits Most Any Truck Brand

Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, and other global manufacturers

(Currently in production on Ford F150, F250, and F350)

1. Conventional Truck

The EVAOS System uniquely allows modified vehicles to drive in conventional mode for long range drives. Our Fleet customers can operate their vehicles without the range anxiety that traditional Hybrid and Electric technologies cause.

2. Hybrid Mode

Using both the output from the host vehicle’s engine combined with our powerful electric motor provides up to 50% fuel reduction or 317ft lbs of increased towing power. No need to pay additional costs for upgrades to larger vehicles or diesel engines.

3. All Electric Mode

Switching the host engine off allows the user to drive the host vehicle in All Electric mode completely eliminating fuel consumption.

4. Removable Battery Pack

The battery pack can be removed from the bed of the truck and used to power your external tools and equipment in remote locations. This is the only technology that can drive away from its power source.

5. Exportable Power

The electric motor can export up to 200kW of continuous power even after separation from the battery pack allowing multiple points of power distribution in commercial applications or emergency response situations.

6. Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

EVAOS is “Smart Grid Ready” and has bi-directional charging capability selling power back to the grid.

EVAOS-equipped vehicles can export DC or AC power to run electrical equipment for planned or emergency use. Examples include compressors, arc welders, construction machinery, emergency equipment, lighting, and office equipment.
This eliminates the need for a separate generator in remote locations or emergency situations where the electrical grid is unavailable.
EVAOS systems vehicles are installed and serviced by Ford dealers.
Other Benefits:
• Use industry standard chargers—Recharge in 5 hours with a 220v charger
• Battery packs can be sold as standalone energy storage systems
• For new or existing trucks—Fits F-series models for 2009 and later
• Fast and Easy Installation—Can be installed in one day